Safety is the number one priority in our company’s operations, and is mandatory to protect our employees, clients, property, environment, and the public. SUMMIT has continually worked hard to improve safety and environmental policies and practices and will take all necessary steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors. SUMMIT believes that every job can be completed in a safe manner and our goal is to maintain zero incidents in safety and environmental-related incidents. We are dedicated to creating a positive safety corporate culture using innovative methods to drive safety as a forefront of SUMMITs core values.

We have created a comprehensive health, safety and environmental program that is used by our workers to not only to ensure we’re compliant with all applicable legislation but educate and encourage our employees within every aspect of their daily job tasks helping create confident competent employees. As a result, SUMMIT has been certified with a safety SECOR (small employer certificate of recognition).

For more information regarding our health, safety and environmental program please visit us on the following compliance websites: