SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. (SUMMIT) specializes in in-service pressure equipment inspections and strategic corrosion management services, as well as above ground storage tank inspection and piping inspection programs. The company’s focus is to provide our clients with the highest level of integrity inspection and the highest quality of service, using the most competent and most qualified NDT examiners and pressure equipment inspectors available. SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. combines highly experienced, certified inspectors/technicians with state of the art equipment and powerful custom computer software to provide the best inspection and reporting services available in the industry.

The company offers a full range of NDT Services, visual inspection, turnaround management services, inspection planning, data management and provides services for the oil & gas industry, petroleum and petrochemical, pipeline, and power generation across Western Canada, from northeastern British Columbia to southeastern Saskatchewan, with a key focus in Alberta (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia).

Inspection Services

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. provides a full range of inspection services including:

  • Boiler inspection and integrity assessment with ABSA ISI or TSASK PEI certified inspectors
  • API 510 pressure vessel inspection and integrity assessment with ABSA ISI or TSASK PEI certified inspectors
  • API 570 piping inspection program development and or inspection with ABSA ISI or TSASK PEI certified inspectors
  • Tank inspection with API 653 certified inspectors
  • CWB welding inspectors
  • NACE coating inspection
  • Inspection work plan development
  • Corrosion surveys, mapping, evaluation
  • Cracking surveys on compressors and cyclic service equipment (MT, SWUT, UT)
  • P&ID review and assessment
  • Repair procedures and oversight

NDT Services

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. also provides a full range of NDT services including:

  • Ultrasonic thickness/shearwave volumetric inspection
  • Visual examination
  • Magnetic particle examination
  • Liquid penetrant examination
  • Vacuum box testing
  • Magnetic flux leakage floor and pipe scanner
  • Hardness testing
  • Positive material identification

NDT Specialty Services

  • Advanced automated ultrasonic testing (Westdyne Intraspec)
  • Paintbrush scanner (Zetec)
  • Phased array system
  • 3D laser scanner (Creaform)

Integrity Assessment Services

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd. has a quality program in Saskatchewan and Alberta to provide chief inspection and designated pressure equipment inspection services, with highly qualified and certified personnel to act in the best interest of their clients as their assigned chief inspector or designated pressure equipment inspector.

Data Management Services

SUMMIT has gained significant expertise over the years in understanding and implementing effective data management tools and processes, as well as for providing our customers with the information that they need, in the format they need, when they need it. We pride ourselves in delivering information accurately in a timely and user friendly/customer specific format.

  • SIGMA, corrosion survey data management software developed by SUMMIT provides the most comprehensive analyses available for review of corrosion date collected for a vessel. It is a Windows© based program constructed to accumulate and manage data collected during corrosion surveys. The design allows SUMMIT to calculate accurate short and long term corrosion rates, and provide quick estimates for remaining life of all of your condition monitoring locations. The final reports are intuitive and easy to read, but also include extensive information, drawings, calculations, and detail to support the summaries. The value of our reports to our customers is unparalleled in the industry because we understand that the inspections and data need to be meaningful, well documented, and repeatable.
  • THETA: our integrity management system that houses our historical inspection reports. Reports include information on inspectors used for the inspection (allowing accurate competency profiles to be developed for our inspectors), location mapping, travel and time spent per job (allowing for accurate quoting and historical data for costs by location and equipment type), historical information by asset (allowing for accurate inspection plans to be created by asset), and much more. THETA also houses all inspector qualifications, certifications, and competency profiles for quick delivery upon request.
  • GAMMA: is the documents repository where all information associated with a vessel, as collected by SUMMIT, or as provided by customer will be stored. Copies of all inspection reports for vessels inspected, and all associated documents ( U1A’s, photographs, drawings and so on) will be accessible from this module.
  • OMEGA: though under development, this is an field gathering tool that will allow for more efficient inspection due to the ability to gather data more effectively and give the inspector immediate access to historical information, relevant codes, and data gathering tools.

SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd.  currently provides services from Calgary, Cold Lake (AB), Lloydminster (AB), and Ft. St. John (BC).