Compressor Cracking Survey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Failures from fatigue cracking are common on vessels in vibration service. Undetected cracks or stress risers can lead to rapid and sudden failures that cost time and money in the form of safety to personnel, downtime, lost production, and repair work. Early detection of these defects is critical to preventing failures from occurring.

To allow our clients the peace of mind that their cyclic vibration service equipment is safe to operate, SUMMIT Inspection has developed a set of procedures to allow for inspection of in-service compressors. Arguably more important for a thorough inspection than ultrasonic thickness readings only, we can perform magnetic particle inspection or liquid penetrant inspection to check the external welds (including attachment welds), and/or shearwave to check the volume of the weld. Our thorough procedure will help you find those cracks and fix them before they get bigger! In addition Visual Inspection is performed on the associated piping to check for fretting of pipes rubbing against one another, or pipes rubbing against floor grating or supports is performed.

Meticulous attention to detail and patience by the inspector is of critical importance when performing a Compressor Cracking Survey to ensure small but important defects are not overlooked. Should defects be found, SUMMIT Inspection crews are equipped with most of the tools necessary to perform small repairs such as blending or light grinding to remove a potential defect or stress riser. All defects found are documented and reported in a detailed written report. No repairs are attempted without prior approval from the client.