Corrosion Survey

In keeping with our commitment to loss prevention through regular inspection, SUMMIT Inspection technicians combine their training, experience, and knowledge of corrosion damage mechanisms and ultrasonics to conduct a detailed and comprehensive yet cost effective corrosion survey for our clients.

From accurate and detailed drawings for repeatability to detailed analysis of each condition monitoring location, we provide the best corrosion survey data and reports in the industry. We utilize both point readings and general scans to accurately calculate corrosion rates and give clients the ability to understand the corrosion profile, when present. Our technicians are trained to recognize and characterize data and relay that information to the client, so that clients do not have to guess what the data means. Our technicians understand the importance of meaningful inspection data, expanding the search area when corrosion is found, and knowing the proper locations to check for corrosion.

SUMMIT Inspection utilizes our proprietary, comprehensive corrosion data management software program “SIGMA” that assists in identifying problem corrosion areas and planning future surveys and inspections. Our Corrosion Data Management software program allows the raw UT data collected to be analyzed to identify corrosion areas within a facility. The detailed analysis reports can summarize corrosion and life expectancy by service environment, equipment, component, and material type, and dozens of other combinations of factors.

Predictive failure analysis ensures maximum coverage with minimum inspection costs by ensuring inspection locations are in the right areas. Full T-min code calculations can be performed and all reports are very well documented to provide clients with critical information at a glance. All reports are supplied to the client in paper and/or electronic formats. The raw data can also be formatted to fit most common UT data management systems.